Hue Integration Automations - Remote Dimmer Off Button

I’ve created an automation via the Hue Integration for 1 button press to turn on a selection of lights using a Hue Dimmer.

However, when I want to turn off the lights, the off button appears to be disabled (i.e. nothing happens).

Looking at the dimmer in the Hue app on my phone, it states the device is configured elsewhere, i.e. HA but I can’t find any way of configuring an automation for the off button. Configuring via the integration only gives options for automating the on button.

Is anyone able to advise please how to configure the off button in YAML?

Is the dimmer switch paired directly to HA then? and do you have a hue hub?

Yes, paired to HA using the official Hue integration and using a Hue hub.
Managed to create ON automations but there’s no documentation I can find for the OFF button.

Ok, so is there a specific reason you paired the dimmer to HA directly and not the hue hub?

The reason I ask is all ours are paired directly to the hue hub, but every button press is still detected in HA and therefore easily used to trigger automations.

Ah, apologies. I paired to the hub, then the devices were picked up in HA via the Hue integration.
By setting the dimmer presses via Hue hub you can only have one group of lights per dimmer.
But in the Hue integration an automation can be created and choose different groups per press on the same dimmer.
Problem is, if I set up the dimmer via Hue app the OFF button works but not if I’ve set up in the HA Hue integration or YAML.
So I need to understand the events/commands for creating an automation for the OFF button via YAML.

Ah, ok o understand now. As all our dimmers are setup up in hue for the room they are on then I can’t say I have come across this issue.

Have you consider pairing the dimmer directly to hue via zigbee instead?

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Tried zigbee set up once a couple of years ago and suffered problems but can’t remember what though. May have to give it another go as I’ve still got the usb zigbee2mqtt dongle somewhere.