Hue lamps in HA groups not allowing to change brightness/color

Hi all,

since upgrading to the newest HA version, I can’t change my brightness and colors in my light groups any more.

I have my bridge configured automatically via a static IP:

- host:
allow_hue_groups: false

My lights are for example grouped like this in the groups.yaml:

name: Schlafzimmerlichter
- light.schlafzimmerlicht_1
- light.schlafzimmerlicht_2
- light.schlafzimmerlicht_3

So far I was able to control brightness and color of those lights together, however since the update more lights seem to be unavaiable (mostly IKEA lights) and for no light or group I can switch brightness or colors.

Any ideas?

Which version? 0.76 was released a few hours ago, 0.75 two weeks ago.

version 0.75.3

Sorry, I should have asked where you upgraded from also.

Any other changes in your network or hardware?

No, everything unchanged. Sadly no clue from where I upgraded, but definitely 2-3 months without an update. When the new Home Assistant started the discovery component asked me to configure Hue, which I clicked. Maybe that was the problem. Since then I added hue to the ignore list of the discovery component, deleted als configuration files of hue, and added it again via pressing the bridge button. No change…

Edit: Just updated to 0.76. No change.

Converted all my groups to light groups and now it works again. Still weird that the brightness selector is removed when adding lights to normal groups…