Hue light scenes on more than 1 Hue bridge

So I have multiple Hue bridges in this house. Each bridge has a room and a lot of lights connected to it. For simplicity let’s say I have one Bedroom and one LivingRoom bridge. Due to a few factors I cannot combine these lights to one bridge: I need to get multiple bridges working properly with HA.

When I connect the first bridge (let’s say the Bedroom bridge at to HA using the configurator and simply clicking the button on the bridge itself, everything works instantly. I can call scenes with hue.hue_activate_scene, control all the lights individually, all good.

Then I connect the LivingRoom bridge ( Now I see all the lights, I can control all of them and turn all of them on or off. All good still. In fact, I can call scenes with hue.hue_activate_scene just like the Bedroom one!

But after this pairing, I try to use hue.hue_activate_scene again on the Bedroom… and nothing. I try other scene names to make sure I’m not misspelling anything, and still nothing. All spelling is correct, so I check the logs and see this:

Unable to find group Bedroom

9:28 PM components/hue/ (WARNING)

If I then remove the LivingRoom bridge from HA, reconnect it, and call the scene, it will work again. But then, I have the same exact problem with the other bridge!! It seems like I can only call scenes on the last bridge I have connected. I cannot call scenes on multiple bridges. The documentation mentions nothing about this and I cannot find anything regarding this issue online.

Please help me out! I am running HA on a NAS via Docker, so I cannot access /components/hue/ (if I can, please explain how, what folder do I need to mount?) and even then I wouldn’t know how to even begin to fix this…

Thanks in advance!

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Any coders who can help me out with this?

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I am really interested in this Multiple Hue bridge issue, one of you have the solution?