Hue lightning/strobe effect for Halloween - How?

I’m trying to create a Halloween automation where my Hue lights flicker for a few seconds, and then my animatronic zombies would turn on. I’m not sure how to set up a strobe/lightning/flicker effect for the Hue. Can anyone help?

As Halloween gets closer people will be posting thier automations. Several lights don’t support it, but have you tried ‘flash’ in the light.turn_on service call?

‘effect’ looks interesting also:

effect yes Applies an effect such as colorloop or random .

I wonder if there are any other effects?

Thanks for the suggestion. I gave flash a try. It simply turned the lights on and then back off one time. I tried stringing together multiple flashes, but that didn’t really replicate a flicker or strobe. I also tried turning the lights on and off several times, but that didn’t really work either. I think the problem is the default transition of Hue lights is too slow, Rather than a straight on/off, it transitions to on and off over the course of about 1/4 second. That doesn’t sound like much, but it is enough to spoil the effect.

@_Mike flash has two options ‘short’ and ‘long’. Long gives 10 flashes I think, short just one.

Thanks for the info. I’ll give that a try. I just wish you had sent it prior to Halloween! :slight_smile: