Hue lights disappearing

I setup my first Hue bridge and two bulbs today. Everything seemed to be fine at first; but now by lights just won’t show up in HA, and I’m not seeing any errors in the log.

When I first set them up, the discovery component picked up the lights and I was able to see them in HA’s front end and control them. I renamed them in the Hue app and the new names were picked up as expected when I next restarted HA. So far, so good. Then I added the custom component that lets me detect button presses on the Hue dimmer remote. I had to futz around with it a little bit, but eventually got that working too (it’s pretty awesome).

I setup some scenes, a couple automations, and once or twice in the midst of all the HA restarting I did today, the lights disappeared a couple times. HA would come back up, and those two lights simply were nowhere in the devices list. Restarting usually fixed it, but now they’re missing and no amount of restarting is bringing them back.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’m also using the emulated_hue component to expose a bunch of my not-Hue devices to Alexa…not sure if that’s relevant. Running 0.57.3 on

So some more experimenting with these seems to suggest that if I open up the Hue app on my phone, interact with the lights, and THEN restart HA, they get picked up… :confused:

I’m experiencing this issue and it’s escalating. The problem occurs and gets worse over time becoming less and less likely that I will see my lights after any edits to my config that require a restart of the server.

Rebooting the bridge every day is totally impractical for an automated anything. And that no longer works for me each time. This issue needs a look by someone.

I’ve always had the issue where on bootup or restart of HA (since 0.56), the Hue lights would not show up on the dashboard for the first 5-10 minutes. After a few minutes, they will show up on the dashboard like magic. You can try repairing your Hue to HA. Delete the phue file in the /config directory, make sure discovery component is enabled.

Eventually I got tired of waiting and removed the Hue integration with HA. I use Smartthings (where I also have the Hue bulbs connected) and MQTT to control in HA. I’m able to control the lights instantly, though I haven’t been able to configure the color, saturation correctly in HA.