Hue lights in ALexa discovered two times

In ALexa I have the same lights discovered two times.

For example
Front porch (as a Hue light)
Front porch (as dimmable light)

this is a problem since Alexa is confusing the two and requires to specify which one of the two to select. My only choice is to give a command on the whole room (containing the Front porch light)

Maybe is because there are 2 instances: the emulated_hue and the phisical hue bridge??

I ran into the same issue using Wink and Hue. I had set up the Hue lights in the Wink app before I ever got into HA and discovery finds them both.

I determined that the lights with the “_1” in the name were the Wink versions and just used customize to hide them. I did this because HA Hue supports transitions and effects, while Wink does not. So I just use the native Hue lights in my HA automations and scripts.

I don’t know how the Wink works,you have duplicate lights as entity_id in HA?

In my case I don’t have duplicate lighs as entity_id in HA, I have only one light, correctly. My only problem is with Alexa use.

After running DISCOVER DEVICES in Alexa, there I have 2 “lights” for each bulb: in Alexa description are a hue light and a dimmable light

Sounds like you have the emulated_hue plugin on as well. Your HUE plugin on the Alexa is discovering the bulb twice. Once because of Phillips Hue and the plugin, the second because of emulated_hue on HA that is emulated the second instance.

If that is the case, just enter in the emulated_hue switch to turn off the emulated hue for the hue bulbs in your setup. Here is an example from my customize.yaml file:

       emulated_hue: false

forget and rediscover your devices in Alexa. Should only be the one instance now, the one from the Hue hub. Since the status is reported back to HA, no need to use the HA instance of the bulb from emulated_hue.

Which is what I was comparing the situation with my Wink. Alexa sees the lights twice because it sees both the Hue Hub API advertising the bulb and the EMULATED Hue Hub advertising the same named bulbs. In HA the same thing happens and one gets the configured name, the other gets the name with the “_1” appended to it.

Exactly. emulated_hue duplicates the name with dimmable light vs hue light in the Alexa setup. That is why I listed it, seems to be directly related.

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In HA, I simply hid these entities using customization as the only other alternative is to remove one of the sources (in my case, this would mean removing them from Wink).

In the case of alexa, I would try figuring out which one controls each light quickly and reliably and simply removing them from Alexa’s list by "Forgetting’ them (Click on Forget in the Device list in the app or on the web app).

As to how to determine which is which, I would suggest creating two test groups with different names (group 1 and group 2) and moving the each named device into a separate group. Then ask Alexa to turn on each group.

Also, the app usually shows the source of the device just under it’s name. I don’t use emulated hue, so I don’t know how that shows up in Alexa’s listing but that may also be a clue.

Once you find out which one is the one you want to use, you can just forget the others.

Tried your instructions but double bulbs (they are present as HUE LIGHT and DIMMABLE LIGHT) are still there.

I even removed them from Alexa, in following discovery they appeared again…

yea each discovery will find them again. I wish Alexa would remember that we told her to forget them. Or a better design might be for Alexa to have a toggle on them that says ignore but doesn’t remove them from her discovery inventory so that they aren’t re-discovered as active every time a new discovery is done. The good news though is, you don’t have to do a new discovery in Alexa. She will discover new devices automatically.

I don’t use the emulated hue but can’t you just eliminate the light domain from being exposed? Or do you have other lights besides the Hues that you need the emulated Hue for?

I have yeelight in the system. If I take lights out from emulated_hue, will HA recognize them?

since when? Or since always?

not sure, but they usually show up about two or three minutes after I add them to wink. But unlike you, I don’t have my Alexa accessing my HA install so I don’t know if it works that way with HA.

HA will; there’s a platform for it. You just have to set them up.

But I think they would disappear from Alexa though.

I have that. I want them to be commanded with alexa …

Here is the configuration I have.
HA is configured with the wink component.
alexa is configured with the wink component.
When I add a device to wink, it shows up in alexa after a couple of minutes. Then I reboot HA and it shows up over there. I can then use alexa to turn on or off any of my lights. the one sticking issue, is that alexa doesn’t see HA groups this way. any groups I want to turn on all at once, I have to create those groups in alexa.
to turn on my kitchen overhead light, I just say “Alexa, turn on kitchen overhead light” and alexa sometimes after a little arguing says ok. I don’t think she understands “southern” very well.

All of my zwave devices are first discovered in wink. I use alexa to give voice instructions. Alexa tells wink what to tell the devices to do. wink tells alexa and ha what it did. I use ha to automate any tasks that are event driven.

Had the same problem. It seems to be caused if you connected Hue lights to Alexa or other non hue bridge first somehow creating duplicates when I added the bridge. Fortunately the solution is simple -just perform factory reset on your bridge and remove everything i.e. all lights and scenes from Alexa. I also performed reset on my other devices (motion sensor and dimmer switch) but not sure if this was necessary. Once done setup your lights and accessories through Hue app. After that add back to Alexa by performing search and adding hue bridge by pressing big circle button when it asks you. It should then only show each light once. At least that worked for me.

“Solution is simple” - just perform a factory reset and delete everything? I wouldn’t call that a solution at all but more of an awkward workaround - especially for people that have installed or created custom scenes, routines, rooms, etc… Could result in a lot of work just to get back to where you originally were configuration-wise…

I’m having the same problem with duplicate devices showing up in Alexa - but for me, one is “Connected via Royal Philip Electronics” (dimmable light) and the other is “Connected via Philips Lighting” (extended color light).

I did try out emulated_hue last week for about a day - and then disabled it since all of my lighting products are directly supported by Alexa. Since I disabled it, I “forgot” all devices within Alexa (from the web-page, not the app) - but the duplicates were still re-created.

Any guesses as to what might be creating the duplicate? I do not have any other hubs in the house - but I did install the homebridge HA plugin. Even my Yeelight bulbs have a duplicate entry “connected via Royal Philips Electronics”…


  • Within Home Assistant, I only have a single entity for each light. It only seems to be Alexa that is confused.

I have the same problem. I would delete the duplicate lamp, but after awhile it would return on it’s own without going through discovery. I finally made a group of the light/lights I wanted to control. Example, front porch is now a group name of front porch 1. It does not solve the duplicate issue, but it is a work-around. I have more important things to do than figure why my lights aren’t working right.

@tenly I also have the duplication though I have never used emulated hue.

Were you able to solve?

Does anyone have any new ideas?