Hue lights present but cannot be controlled, no error messages

Philips Hue is my nemesis lately. After fighting through an issue with it creating “phantom” devices in Amazon Alexa that didn’t really exist, I’m onto the latest issue, which is that I cannot control my Hue devices from Home Assistant.

The devices are present in HA (I just have two light bulbs and two Hue remotes right now), but their status and controls are disabled/grayed out (e.g. I can’t click on the toggle to turn it on/off). There’s no error message about Hue in the logs.

I removed the Hue integration, then re-added it…no effect. The devices disappeared when the integration was removed, as expected, and re-appeared after the integration was re-installed, but I still can’t see their status or control them. Any ideas?

Are the bulbs manual wall switch turned on?

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There is no manual wall switch, they’re bulbs in lamps. I can control the bulbs just fine from the Hue app.