Hue Lights state doesn't change in frontend

Since installing version 2021.12.2 I have serious problems with Hue lamps and the frontend. The status of the lamps is not followed by the update on the frontend. The lights work well with the voice commands of Google Assistant and Alexa, but in the frontend the status does not change. Using any card in lovelace to turn the Hue lights on/off they don’t work while everything works as it should with other types of lights (yeelight for example).
Is there anyone else who has these problems?
P.S. I have deleted and reinstalled the integration several times.

Known bug in .12.2 (and quiet frequently discussed here).


  • wait for .12.3
  • revert to .12.1 (which has other Hue related issues)
  • buy a Zigbee stick and migrate to Zigbee2mqtt or ZHA
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I’m experiencing this again in version 2021.12.6. Anybody sees this too?

I’m running 2021.12.4 as .2 broke this.

Not sure on the recent versions but .3 definitely fixes it.

Yes me too but with all devices not just Hue lights

will be fixed in 2021.12.7

Problem with values not updating in frontend since update to core-2021.12.6 · Issue #11039 · home-assistant/frontend (

Bump HAWS to 6.0.1 by balloob · Pull Request #11042 · home-assistant/frontend (

I tried 2021.12.7 but there are still issues with status updates in the frontend. For me 12.5 works but 12.6 and 12.7 have problems.

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Think I’ll stay clear until these are resolved

2021.12.8 is out. It seems to work fine now.

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