Hue Motion detection based on Timeframe

I have a Hue motion sensor supporting motion (occupancy), temperature and Light levels. It works fine with HA when connected via Hue bridge or zigbee2mqtt.

What is the problem
It clutters up the logs as motion detection happens when I am at home and the kids are playing, creating multiple entries per minute.

8:22:35 AM Hue motion sensor livingroom motion cleared (no motion detected)
8:22:20 AM Hue motion sensor livingroom motion detected motion
8:22:05 AM Hue motion sensor livingroom motion cleared (no motion detected)

That is the expected behavior of a motion sensor of course but I want to suppress the noise as presence detection using UniFi works better to determine if we are at home.

What I want
Between 23:00 and 07:00 I want motion detection on. During the day when I am at home I don’t want motion detection in the living room but only want to monitor temperature and light level.

Currently it is implemented by creating a REST switch to turn the motion sensor off at first detection in the morning after 06:00 but that also disables temperature and light level tracking. So I cannot use the latter two in automations anymore hence the creation of the topic.

What I found
It seems this can only accomplished by setting high time outs on occupancy detection but I am looking for a time based activation. Disabling the occupancy binary sensor Entity - like one can do in the UX - could be an option, I just don’t see how that can be done via automation / script. Perhaps they are cleaner solutions.

Any suggestions how to configure this?