Hue Motion Sensor - Adjust Rules via Hue API based on toggle in HALT

Hey everyone,

I want to integrate a day and night mode in my HA for my Philips Hue motion sensors used in the corridors. As I want to keep the sensor integrated into my Hue Bridge I came up with the following Idea:

I want to create an automation that is triggered by changing a custom toggle “Night Mode”. When “Night Mode” is turned on, HA should manipulate the rule on the Hue Bridge so that the time for switching to the night setup is set to the current time.

How to send the API call from the HA ist not the issue - I already finished that part. Im more struggling with the Hue API as I do not understand how rules are defined and how I can manipulate those. Does somebody have experience with that kink adjustment on the Hue Bridge?

Thank you so much!

P.S. Hope this is the right category and well explained. Im new to the form :slight_smile: