Hue Motion Sensor lights won't stay on

I am using Hue motion sensors connected via the Hue bridge to trigger my lights. The problem is when I stay in the room the lights go off after about a minute and don’t come back on. Can you help please?

The Hue motion sensors detects, well, motion.
If you stay immobile at your desk, they won’t detect you anymore.

You probably want a mmwave sensor, which can also detect you when you’re still.

Even when I move about and wave my arms like a crazy air traffic controller it doesn’t re-trigger
It only retriggers after a minute or so.
Which mmwave sensor do you recommend?

I’ve been trying to setup my Hue motion sensor. Can someone please provide a link or show me definative instructions on how to do this correctly as there are so many conflicting and out of date tutorials on the web? II’ve spent so long on this. Thanks