Hue motion sensor missing entitiy in list / two deconz IDs

I am new to HA and learning learning learning… please be gentle. I searched for issues in the community but didn’t find similar issues.

I have coupled one Philips Hue motion sensor with the deconz stick to HA with help of the phoscon app. The coupling of the device runs without any issues. Within phoscon I can see the values of the sensor. The issues is, that the HA entitiy list does not show all the entities. I disabled any filter of the list to see all entities, but the measured light entity is not visible. When creating an automation via the GUI I discovered that the sensor has an entity “lightlevel 17” for the light. How can I add this sensor entity to the list and rename it? Is there something like a device or entity configuration file?

I’m not sure if this is a completely different topic, but can this problem be caused by seeing two Phoscon sticks in my integration at once? I don’t know how this happened, in any case the same stick or the same ID is displayed twice in the integrations.

Thanks for your help