Hue motion sensors erratic behavior

I have a Philips outdoor motion sensor (I use it with Hassio via the deConf gateway) and I set it up with Node Red to turn on the light in the garden upon motion detection for 120 seconds.
The problem is that it seems to register the initial motion (triggering the light consequently), but just “stops working” for a random interval, so that I can’t find a pattern.
For example: I step in front of it, the light turns on istantly; I go away and it turns off after 120 seconds. Then, I return in front of the sensor again and no matter what I do (I try to walk, jump, scream…) as it simply doesn’t get triggered. I mean that according to Node Red there isn’t any state change at all.
Then, after “a while” (I mean, something like 2-4 minutes) it works again.
Any suggestion?

The outdoor Hue motion sensor might have a longer cooldown than the indoor one (as in, the sensor might report a state of on for 5 minutes to prevent multiple triggers in a short period of time). Monitor the motion sensor’s state in the States dev tool to see how long it stays on for.