Hue Nightlight as HomeAssistant Scene

Hi All,

I’ve recently moved my Hue bulbs to Z2M - and absolutely loving it - however I’m struggling to get a Hue White and Color Ambience bulb to dim down to the same level as the native HUE Nightlight scene inside the Hue app - when I try and create a similar scene in home assistant, it appears much brighter.

My YAML is as follows:

id: '1604837206440'
  name: NightLight
      min_mireds: 153
      max_mireds: 500
      - blink
      - breathe
      - okay
      - channel_change
      - finish_effect
      - stop_effect
      brightness: 1
      color_temp: 500
      - 36.429
      - 65.882
      - 255
      - 189
      - 87
      - 0.5
      - 0.414
        x: 0.500605373718514
        y: 0.415275958087495
      linkquality: 23
      state: 'on'
        state: idle
      update_available: false
      friendly_name: Night Light
      supported_features: 63

Even with Brightness set to 1, its not as dull as the existing HUE scenes.

Any help is appreciated.


Sorry for bumping this. I too would like to know if anybody was able to get night light mode working successfully. Night Light mode is the reason I have the colored version of the hue bulbs.


Bump, I’m looking for this as well since I’m migrating from Hue to ZHA.

I’m noticing that my ZHA connected Hue lights are off when brightness is set to “1” but come on at “2”, and it doesn’t seem like it’s as dull as a normal Hue bulb with the Nightlight scene.