Hue not discovering in 0.37.1

Hi there;
My system is running on a Raspi 2B and was installed using the all in one image.

In the .37 update, autodetect wouldn’t find my Hue bridge or bulbs, all else seems to work since .36
Updated to .37.1 this morning after reading the changelog. Still no joy.

I’m using the first gen (round) Hue bridge, have tried resetting it, my router and Hass.



Any errors in the log?
Have you tried to add it manually?

Could you also run hass --version to be sure you have the correct version?

Also having this problem… no errors in logs

(adding it manually worked fine)

so it seems like the latest changes to hue bridge maybe messed with discovery’s ability to autodetect a physical bridge?

Are you running 0.36.1?

No, I am running 0.37.1 - the problem started when i upgraded from 0.35.2