Hue Scene activation to trigger events

Hi guys,

I’m currently doing my first steps in HA. Managed to get my hue scenes integrated via Scripts into HA.
What I’m trying to do now is, connect the hue scenes with my other devices, so that the activation of the hue scene triggers other lights and entitites.
Might be due to my lack of knowledge but how exactly can I use the change of a hue scene as a trigger in HA?

that would be an automation, look here for examples. To get you started, your trigger should be the state change from off to on of your scene.

But how do I get the scene status of the HUE scenes? I manage them currently over the hue App, not via Home Assistant and would love to keep it that way. is that even possible or do I have to trigger them via HA to be able to use them in other context?

is that setup yet in your config?

Yes, I am triggering my test scene with the following syntax:
- service: hue.hue_activate_scene
group_name: “schlafzimmer”
scene_name: “TV”

you should be able to use that information to build a trigger. Check the states of the hue device in your states page. attach a pic if you can.

The thing is, that I currently do not see an option to get the status of the scene (on/off) from hue directly. I use the hue switches to tab through the scene or the hue app.

So the hue state object doesn’t have any attributes or scenes associated with the device in the states page?

Hi @meltrox, did you find a way to trigger hue’s scene activation? :grin: