Hue Smart Button only showing battery level in triggers

Hello everyone, im very new to home assistat, so sorry for my incompetence,
I have recently setup a Hue bridge with 2 bulbs and a smart button.
I connected the bulbs and button to the bridge, named the bulbs and button, but set no automations on the button.
I then setup hue intergration in HA and this worked fine. bulbs work perfectly.
Button also came in as a entitie but it only shows battery level and i am unable to use it as a trigger in HA.
if anyone has any advice i would greatly appreciate it, thank you in advance

These buttons interact with Home Assistant by posting to the events bus. To trigger off button presses you use Event triggers. There are numerous Blueprints covering Hue Buttons, that make it easy to set up automations based on these devices without having to figure out how to structure an Event trigger.