Hue Switch: delay in switch


I’ve installed the custom component for sensor.hue to control my motion sensors and switches/remotes.
Everything obviously works great on Hassio :raised_hands:. The only problem I face is that there seems to be a delay in the button on my remote/switch. When I do a toggle (on/off) it simply won’t react on the second click on the same button. I have to wait for a minute or two, before the toggle works.

This is my setup:

- alias: Single Press Toggle Kitchen Ceiling Light
    platform: state
    to: '1_click_up'
    - service: light.toggle
         - light.kitchen2
         - light.kitchen_1  

I have tried to use ‘delay’, my assumption is that that is the issue.
- delay: '00:00:01'

Maybe someone has the answer to fix this?