Hue Tap problem with Zigbee2MQTT

I just moved my Hue lights to Zigbee2MQTT with a sonoff zigbee 3.0 usb dongle plus-E.
My lights all work but I did not manage to pair my hue tap switch ( which should be compatible.

I followed the steps in the wiki.
I have my network on channel 11, so I pressed button 1 for 10 seconds but nothing.
I also tried all other buttons, just to be sure.

I tried it close to lights, I tried it far from a light.
I had the pairing allowed for all devices or only the one I was close to.

I also do not see anything in the logs of Z2M.

I just repaired my old hue bridge and there the switch works, so the hardware itself is not broken.

Does anybody have an idea what I could do to troubleshoot here?


ZIgbee2mqtt ezsp support is still tagged as experimental. There’s been a fair amount of discussion since the ZBDongle-E release, and pairing problems have been reported.

I would first try the dev branch. There have been some recent pairing related changes merged for ezsp.

If that doesn’t work, probably best to open an issue at Issues · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt ( Go ahead and post zigbee2mqtt and zigbee herdsman debug logs of a pairing attempt.

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That is a good point! Did not think about the still experimental support.
I will try the dev branch later today and maybe get a debug log from both branches.

FYI, need to know Philips Hue Tap Switch is a “Zigbee Green Power” (ZGP, a.k.a. GreenPower) device.

As mentioned, Silicon Labs EZSP (“EmberZNet Serial Protocol”) based adapter support is still experimental in Zigbee2MQTT, and while Silabs EFR32MG1x/EFR32MG2x hardware and firmware do have support “Zigbee Green Power” (ZGP, a.k.a. GreenPower) the ezsp adapter/driver code in the zigbee-herdsman library which Zigbee2MQTT depends on does not yet support “Zigbee Green Power” (ZGP, a.k.a. GreenPower) which Philips Hue Tap and a few other “Friends of Hue” batteryless devices uses, see development here →

So for now you need a Texas Instruments z-stack (CC2652 or CC1352 based) adapter/driver or if you are a Python developer yourself then you could help with coding for the project by mapping the correct missing frames needed for “Zigbee Green Power” (ZGP, a.k.a. GreenPower) into the ezsp adapter/driver code → so in conclusion the ezsp software code need some development work to specifically add “Zigbee Green Power” (ZGP, a.k.a. GreenPower) support → plus both more developers as well as more testers activly helping out on improving that ezsp adapter/driver code in the zigbee-herdsman library.

Again, “Zigbee Green Power” (ZGP, a.k.a. GreenPower) is already supported by the z-stack adapter/driver (for Texas Instruments CC2652 or CC1352 based dongles), see and

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Thanks for the detailed answer!
That makes sense, if the unerlaying lib does not support ZGP it wont work :wink:

I do in fact code in python but I have no experience in this sort of thing, but I will look into it!

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That would be awesome! I am sure that kirovilya could help point you in the right directing on where to begin → I’m not skilled enough with coding myself but I guess that it is probably not as complex as it sounds because as I understand what is really needed is to match and map the EZSP and Ash command already used by the z-stack adapter/driver in the zigbee-herdsman library the same way in the ezsp adapter/driver in the zigbee-herdsman library following the official Silicon Labs documentation for EmberZNet Zigbee. See and maybe start reading as well as checking this reference collection of Silabs Zigbee stack documentation and related dev docks. Reference collections for Zigbee Stack and related dev docks. · Discussion #595 · zigpy/zigpy · GitHub

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Thanks for the pointers!

I’ll try to see if I can get involved :slight_smile:

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