Hue to ZHA migration performance

after hesitating for a few months, I finally moved my last group of lights from Hue hub to ZHA. This was driven by the fact that the Hue hub does not offer any backup / recovery and three times I received an email saying my Hub had been reset.

Today the kitchen lights have been migrated. This is the most complex area as there are 16 lights in a grid controlled by the hue dimmer switch.

To keep track of the lights, I migrated one-by-one. Hue App - select light - delete, then HA ZHA add device, name and assign room.

16 devices discovered, most within ten seconds and one took several minutes.

I then created a light group and turned that on. The first time, 2 of the 16 came on then after a few seconds more would come on until there were five that did not respond.

After 60 minutes and a HA Yellow reboot, the lights have improved - one is still not reacting quickly. I though I would check the ZHA network visualisation:

Notice that NONE of these have any connection to the rest of the network! Though they seem to be mostly working.

With HA, how are commands transmitted to a set of lights that need the same settings - does turning on 16 lights send 1 command to 16 lights, or 16 commands that fight for resources? Are there techniques to help with this?

I did create a node-red script to animate the lights to turn on one-at-a-time, which seems to be fairly reliable, but this moves away from the scene functionality.

Hue Hub is powered off :slight_smile: - I expect the new cloud setup they are introducing will enable a backup, but that’s too late for me.


That for a normal HA group.

For efficient use, create a zigbee group from the ZHA integration “Groups” page.

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@jerrm thank you!

Took me a while to find it - Integrations > Zigbee Home Automation > Configure > Groups.

I created the group Kitchen Spots Group - this appeared as an entity:
Name:Zigbee Antenna Kitchen Spots Group.
Entity: light.zigbee_antenna_kitchen_spots_group
(Zigbee Antenna is the name I gave to the antenna after migrating from a SONOFF dongle).

A scene using this entity turns on all lights more or less instantly :slight_smile:

In the ZHA config, I can also see a group called Default Lightlink group as well as seven other groups called No name group 0x… Each has one device - the antenna. Can/should these be deleted?


Better not…

The groups you have created should appear as entities belonging to the co-ordinator - you can re-name them and change their icons and entity ids on the co-ordinator page: