Hue transition to OFF not working

Although my setup works with Philips Hue as expected things went wrong using a transition from on to off. Testing the service as shown in the image turns off the light immidiately, no matter which transition value I fill in. Is this a known issue or does anyone know how to use it?

What kind of bulb is light.overloop? I tried the exact same thing as you did and it worked as expected.

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I use the transition for an LED strip and you are right, I noticed it works with my Hue Ambiance. That is why I now wondered why not with the LED strip, that should also work. My mistake: I followed the result of the transition on my iPad, not in the room where the LED strip is mounted. The Hue app on the iPad is not updated during the transition, but the LED strip is dimmed … So again, I was wrong and your posting woke me up. Thanks!

Glad it works:) Please mark the post as solved.

Marked as solved :wink: