Hue Wall Switch Module Integration

Hi all

I’m trying to get the new Hue Wall Switch Module to work in Homeassistant, so I can replace the 433 MHz units currently in use.

The 2 Switches of a single Hue Wall Switch are not showing up in the developer tools, the battery state of that unit does.

I’m not using Deconz as suggested in another post, because the Hue integration page states that the Hue Wall Switch Module is supported and I’m using the standard Hue bridge for integration, not a 3rd party Zigbee product.

Any one having tips on how to configure the Hue Wall Switch Module?


I have several Hue dimmer switches and they only show up in HA as devices. In automations you have to have something like:

  - device_id: 7232bc1ae7d86b1e8a1430c0e2fb74a5
    domain: hue
    platform: device
    type: remote_button_short_release
    subtype: turn_on

If you’re using the UI, just select ‘devices’ as the trigger type and you’ll get all the appropriate drop downs.

Thanks for sharing that Stiltjack.
I will try it

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Hi Stiltjack

Setup an automation using the UI. The device ‘ Hue wall switch module 1’ is there to select, but strangely only the trigger ‘“First button” release’ and ‘“Second button” release’ are shown. So it is only possible to trigger one action like switching off a lamp, not to switch it on.

So I have to rely on YAML code for automation. Where did you source the Device ID (GUID?) in your example code?