Hue Wall Switch Module (RDM001) Double Click not firing

Hi All,

I’m moving all devices from my Hue Hub to HASS using ZHA. For the kitchen my wife has an expectation that a double tap of the wall switch (off and on really quick) will toggle the kitchen lights from cold (5500K) to warm (2700k). I’m struggling with two issues but I’d like to focus on one thing. The fact that the “double click event” isn’t firing. I’ve double tapped my life away and the no event shows up when I go to Dev Tools/Events/listens to zha_event and i don’t see the double-click event triggering, even though there’s a trigger called “On Button” turn on double clicked event.

Any suggestion on how to make this trigger happen every time?

(As an FYI, i’m trying to figure out how to “toggle” two different color_temps and haven’t figured this one out yet either).

I am looking for the same. When I double tap my wall switch I only see 2 short button press events. Did you find anyway to get a double tap event to fire?

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Same issue here. Have you solved it?

There’s a another thread about this here