Hue - what am i doing wrong here?

A week in on my Smartthings to HA migration investigation and only a few niggly things left I need to get working before biting the bullet…

How do I call a Hue scene from a dashboard card ? I’ve tried individual lights and Hue groups, and all I ever get is a toggle on and off…scene never triggers. Must be doing something fundamentally wrong, as it doesn’t look complicated at all.

type: light
entity: light.computer_room
  action: call-service
  service: hue.hue_activate_scene
    scene_name: CR Hal
    group_name: Computer Room Hue Group
  target: {}

What model hue hub?

its a V2 :slight_smile:

tried this way as well…same deal, just turns the group off and on

feels like this should be really simple

As far as I know you just do a ‘scene.turn_on’ with a scene entity id (at least that is what I do from Node Red). I think all your Hue scenes should appear in HA as scene entities.

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Reading the docs for a third time I think the hue.hue_activate_scene is only for V1 hubs, which don’t import a regular scene into HA, so what @RogTP suggests makes perfect sense.

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Thanks guys…I cracked it!

I was using a light card, changed it to a button card, used the UI , Hue active Hue scene, picked a scene entity (that were listed) and boom.

Noob error I guess but you put me on the right track

show_name: true
show_icon: true
type: button
  action: call-service
  service: hue.activate_scene
  service_data: {}
    entity_id: scene.computer_room_cr_magneto
entity: light.computer_room
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