Hueapps compatible with conbee - how?


I’ve seen people mention they can get hue apps to work with conbee.

How are you doing that? I can’t get apps to recognize any other bridge than Phillips own.

Is there some magic trick ?


I am not aware that the hue app can work with conbee. However you can have home assistant talk to hue lamps via conbee.


Yes I got homeassistant connected already. That part is all good.

I’ve seen several forum posts and web mentions on conbee showing up as a bridge to use with other apps.

And the app in particular I really need is huedisco as my kids keep asking why I cant make the kitchen lights change color to the music anymore :slight_smile:


Got issue open with more info starting it should work but require port 80 for most apps.


turns out if you just update the port in conbee hassio addon to 80 then hue apps can connect - yay!