Huge companion app storage usage

I was looking for my storage usages on my iphone. Then I got shocked. It’s data usage 5.26GB. How can it be? I tried reseting app, clearing caches but nothing happen. Then I deleted app and reinstalled from App Store. Why home assistant uses storage like that?

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Yours is weird - I have the same version and mine is using 18MB for documents & data.

Could it be something on the dashboard you’re using? Maybe try creating a very simple dashboard for the companion app to use and see if that helps.

Although if this was the case you’d expect to see the same usage on your computer. For example, in Chrome under the hamburger menu (three dots) “Settings > Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data > See all cookies and site data”. Then enter your HA domain and click on it once listed. There you should see multiple “storage” and “service worker” options, and clicking on them will show the size used. If they total 5.2GB then your dashboard would be the culprit. My “big” dashboard seems to use about 150MB.

Having the same problem too.
Could you please share your experience in this GitHub issues?

iOS app document & data storage size will randomly grow very large · Issue #2207 · home-assistant/iOS (