Huisbaasje/Energy Flip: add solar production sensor/values

Energy Flip (previously Huisbaasje) displays the currect solar power in the Energy Flip app.
However the HA integration does not provide these solar power values from Energy Flip, even though the Energy Flip API likely provides them. Only the netto current power usage.

Maybe this is because I do not have an DSMR set-up, but 2 small SDM220 kWh meters by Eastron?

I bet it is just 2 lines of code for the ones maintaining this integration, but it is above my coding/github skills to fix it myself.

I am happy to help and to lend out my account which has solar enabled.

@dennisschroeder is this maybe something you can help fix? I saw an issue on github with the same problem, but there is shows as resolved while in my case the solar production values are not provided by the add-on.

Is this problem solved by anyone? I have in my integration sensor.energieproductie_daltarief_vandaag but I lack sensor.energieproductie_normaaltarief_vandaag. Is it possible to add this somehow?

@frenck you marked the github issue as complete. Should it be marked as complete? the original request was nog solved yet?
@dennisschroeder would you maybe have the time to look at this together sometime this week?