Human detection analysis just on images or recorded video on Rasberry pi 4

Human detection just on images or recorded video.
Hello, I am running a Pi 4 with Home Assistant and a camera Reolink E1 Zoom PTZ 5MP.
I have a flow on NodeRed that when the camera detects movement, it publishes an image and a stream of video 15s. The ftp broadcasts the contents received to a Telegram account.
It works like a charm except that most of the content is useless and I would like to dismiss the images&videos without any person on it. Sadly, the camera on any change of light or any shadow movement triggers the movement detection event.
I do not want to be monitorizing all time the camera stream for not overloading my Rasperry Pi 4, but just this potentially interesting images.
Could you give me any recomendation for analyzing just the contents sent to the FTP (an image and a short video) to look for human detection?