Humidifier -> Home Assistant -> Homekit

Hello, folks.
I’ve integrated a humidifier to my HA and trying to pass it to the Homekit. I have the following attributes.
As you see the limits of the humidifier are between 30% and 80%. Homekit, however, scales from 0% to 100%. Can anybody please advise how to make Homekit scale it properly?
Thanks in advance.

min_humidity: 30
max_humidity: 80

  • auto
  • sleep
  • manual low
  • manual mid
  • manual high

humidity: 73
mode: auto
current_humidity: 80
mist_virtual_level: 5
mist_level: 2
water_lacks: false
humidity_high: false
water_tank_lifted: false
automatic_stop_reach_target: true
device_class: humidifier
friendly_name: 'Humidifier ’
supported_features: 1

I’m in a similar situation.
Did you get a solution?

Unfortunately, no. Looks like it’s the iOS Homekit limitation.

K. Thx. I was only able to add mine with the linked humidity sensor but the light connected to it went as a different accessory. No possibility for modes though.