Hunter Douglas Power Rise

I don’t think there is currently an integration with Home Assistant out there yet for Hunter Douglass Power Rise (not Power View for which is the currently selling product). I have a very hacked together setup working on my system (single room) as covers. I was curious if there is interest in this? If so I will work to get it up to par for people to use.

I would be interested in this. I have blinds that use the Hunter Douglas Platinum (PowerRise) technology and i’m looking for a Platinum Gateway online somewhere (they are like unicorns). It’s breaking my heart that these blinds are proving to be the only “dumb” device in my smart home. Also a little pissed that the overpriced blinds I bought are already obsolete with PowerView taking over.

I almost have a working setup. I can get one working but with how the hub works and how I wrote the interface into the hub I have a single class for the hub that controls all of the blinds. Unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to add multiple entities that are managed by a single class. Once I figure this out I will send you the code so you can give it a try.
I actually have a mix of PowerVIew and PowerRise in my house… I really wish there was a way to convert PowerRise to PowerView as they are MUCH better but oh well…

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I agree, that’s a real kick in the johnson for people who spend a lot of money on those devices to have the tech change mid-stream. At a minimum they could make the new hubs backwards compatible.

Yea, I was pretty upset when I found out my Hunter Douglas Dealer KNEW about the upcoming change and didn’t let me know. My Goal is to make it so that if the App never gets updated again and an iOS update breaks the app it isn’t an expensive brick. Right now my component works great for a single blind, still working on multiple blinds :slight_smile: I will hopefully have support for scenes as well

I’m very much interested. How did you make it work?

I got this working in a very hackish way. Unfortunately when HA moved to the new directory structure it broke and I have not had a chance to work on it.
I ran into too many issues trying to control all blinds so I went to a model of just discovering and running the scenes. This worked great but I could not get it to work when I put it under my custom components directory. I actually had to place it in the actual HA directory structure (along with the native components. When I made the jump from .85 to .93 this broke :frowning:

Wish I could control power rise shades with the power view app. I’ve got both hubs- platinum hub and the new gen 2 hub. Two remotes. That’s ridiculous.