Hunter Fans/Apple Home issues

I purchase three Radeon 52" Hunter Fans for the house and unable to get them to integrate into Home Assistant. It appears that all functionality with the Apple Home ecosystem is a one-way bridge, is that true? I have had a terrible time getting them to even work with the Apple Home ecosystem but they finally do now work. Hunter’s instructions for their fans and the SimpleConnect app were poorly written, even their higher-tier technicians, with whom I’ve exchanged some emails with and spoken to on the phone agree that their instructions need to be re-done. What I am unable to do is to access any of these devices from Home Assistant. I can feed nearly anything from Home Assistant → to Apple Home but I have not seen any way to see the fans from within Home Assistant. They never showed up in HomeKit Bridge.

Does anyone have any pointers on how to gain control of these fans from within the Home Assistant?

Are they connected via WiFi? Typically, most HK devices can be picked up via auto-discovery, but I’m not sure about fans.

Have you looked at this help doc yet?

I did and I know fans are listed, but one of mine that was only in HK (a meross wall controller) would not expose to HA no matter what I tried. Finally gave up and ripped it out and replaced it. I do know the Hunter fans had a rocky past with HK though, so that’s why I was asking.

I could have worded my reply to the OP a bit better.

I had many issues with these fans, most of which were due to poorly written instructions from Hunter Fans. I have communicated with them numerous times via both email and phone calls and they acknowledge that there are many failures in their documentation. After explaining issues via email, they sent further instructions not included in the equipment and their SimpleConnect app that were misleading and flat-out wrong for the equipment I had. I finally got all of the stuff “working” with Apple Home around the time I sent the first message here. I had read the page on HomeKit Devices before I started messing with all this but after getting everything working and running through the syncing issues many, many times, to the point I could do it in my sleep, I looked at that page again. I realized a few steps I could try. One of the first steps that had to be done was that by default, when adding the devices initially to Apple Home, the fan and light are combined. When going through the Apple Home settings of the combined device, there is no option to remove the device from Apple Home. There is an option to split the light and fan apart as two seperate devices. Once this is done, I was given the option to remove the device from Apple Home. Once I removed one of the two, they were automatically BOTH removed and simultaneously appeared as a device that could be added to Home Assistant. I incorporated them into Home Assistant. I then needed to create a new HomeKit Bridge to facilitate them being added back into Apple Home. After much futzing around, I finally got all three fan/light combos working with BOTH Apple Home and Home Assistant.