HunterDouglas Powerview blinds

We are planning on getting HunterDouglas blinds for the house, and a few of them could benefit from being motorized with their Powerview system. I see that there is an HA component that interfaces to their hub, but I’m wondering if the hub is required.

Do they use any standard protocol? Can the blinds be controlled from a generic hub like zwave or zigbee or something? Or with a custom RF transmitter?

If anyone is using Powerview blinds with either their hub or otherwise, how well does it work? What functionality is supported? We will be getting their Duolite honeycomb blinds, so I need it to be able to raise the blinds completely, lower them into opaque mode, and lower them into sheer mode. Is this doable?


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Powerview utilizes a rest interface to control. Check out the Smartthings code and you can get an idea of what is done. I implemented it in Smartthings and just used MQTT to run it on HA.

According to their FCC cert they use “between 1Ghz - 40Ghz” RF for the remotes.

I’m guessing this means that they are using a proprietary 2.4ghz (as it is unlicensed globally) signal.

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Reviving this thread in case anyone is able to give an update two years later.

I already have two ZigBee networks in my home: one using ZHA with a dongle and the other for my heating using Drayton Wiser Home Hub.

I would prefer not to further congest the 2.4Ghz spectrum with yet another ZigBee network and clutter the walls up with additional repeaters. Does anyone know if the PowerView system can be used with a non PowerView hub, or if it uses ZigBee at all.

I wish these companies would see interoperability as a huge benefit for them instead of locking is into single user proprietary systems. Even if they do some seem almost embarrassed to make it clear in their marketing.