Husbzb-1 and zwavejs2mqtt causing errors

I am having trouble getting a husbzb-1 to be recognized by zwavejs2mqtt. I previously was using with deprecated zwave just fine. When I get to the config page zwavejs2mqtt and I save the device path it gives an error like Timeout ACK unresponsive. Has anyone been able to make it work? If it helps I bought it when they first came out.

I used mine for a while when first testing zwavejs so I didn’t need to disrupt my production zwave network (running on my Aeotec stick) and I never had any issues with it.

Have disabled everything else that might be trying to access the zwave portion of the stick? all old zwave integrations that use it need to be disabled since only one can access the stick at a time.

I tired moving it to a new vm. Then moved it too a different computer entirely. I have ordered a zooz stick as well to see if it’s me… And because I want an excuse for newer stuff.

What year did you buy yours. I am wondering if it’s an old firmware problem.

It was one of the first things I bought when I started with HA over 4 years ago (so 2017). I’ve never done any updates on the stick or anything since then.

Dang then it looks like it is me then.