HUSBZB-1 find MAC address / PG&E meter

I’d like to connect my smart utility meter with my HUSBZB-1 to stream my usage but i’m unable to find the MAC address of the HUSBZB-1, required by the utility.

Anyone know how to do do this please?

I’m running on an rpi3b+


As far as i know USB devices don’t have a MAC address.

How does your utility expect you to connect to it?

Here is what they are requesting:

I’ve asked what the install code is, and it is supposedly “written on the box of the device”
any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

That looks like it’s asking for the information on the SmartMeter device itself.

What protocol is the smartmeter device suppose to be using and where does it expect to be used? On an app for a phone or something else?


Here’s what they require:

“any ZigBee SEP1.0 or 1.1 device”
(However, PG&E cannot guarantee that device)

Once I called PG&E they said this is all information “that should be found with the manufacturer of the device”…

I was hopeful that I could make this work with a cheap usb dongle, but if they work with only specific devices… then i may need to look elsewhere…


After doing more research it does look like the zigbee network does use MAC addresses. I didn’t realize that the IEEE address (I think) is the MAC address.

I can find the MAC addresses for my paired devices but I can’t figure out how to get the MAC address for the coordinator (the stick) itself.

Well it seems that we’d also need to get an install code wich according to of&e would need to be provided by the maker of the HUSBZB-1 or perhaps this is a code that could be generated by home assistant (since it seems to be an encryption key?).
I’d really like to see this work since the devices pg&e suggest are not desirable…

The HUSBZB-1 and any other consumer ZigBee stick won’t support SEP due to the encryption.

The device that you want to acquire is a Rainforest Automation EAGLE-200. I don’t personally own one but have friends that do. It has a built in integration with Home Assistant as well.