HUSBZB-1 -- Fresh Install -- Debian 9.4 -- Python3.5

Been using a setup for years on an rPi successfully with a 25+ zwave and 10+ zigbee devices.

Just decided to swap over to an i3 NUC I had laying around. Being a Linux admin I’m well versed in doing advanced installs. But here’s my current issue:

I ported over my zigbee.db and that went off without a hitch, but acquired two new devices. All the existing devices work correctly and as intended, but I cannot get the new devices (same as existing btw) to permit into the network. At first I figured maybe it was a difference in the way Debian Stretch was handling things vs. Hassbian and Raspbian AIO configs, so I tried a few things without luck. I then eliminated venv all together and ran the binary purely at console, no luck. Command line with bellows and the device works perfectly fine…

Plug the Linear back into my rPi and do a zha.permit and the devices show up instantly.

Anyone else experiencing this? I know zigbee gets a salty name around here, but it’s worked flawlessly up until this switch to Debian.