Husqvarna Automover - can't re-run installation

I started installing the Husqvarna Automover integration, and made a few mistakes during the installation process. This led me to accidentally push the update API secret key on the Husqvarna developer site. Unfortunately I am not able to go back in the integration configuration process to update the key, and I am not able to cancel it and start over. I am not even able to find any repositories anywhere.
Any ideas on how to solve this issue? Thank you.

Instead of deleting the question I will write the solution. When in Devices & Services, click on the three dots, and choose ‘Application Credentials’ - here I could make a new credential for the Husqvarna integration, and then I could continue with the installation process. I wasn’t able to delete the old one, but during theinstallation process it asked which credential I wanted to use.