Husqvarna automower device tracker don‘t show up

I recently upgraded my Home Assistant system to the latest version and was excited to hear that there is now built-in support for the Device Tracker for Husqvarna Automower. According to the documentation, the Device Tracker should be created automatically if the mower is equipped with the Automower Connect or Automower Connect Module.
Unfortunately, the device tracker for my Husqvarna Automower 430X is not displayed in my Home Assistant instance 2024.4.1. I have properly connected the mower to my Husqvarna account and followed all the steps to set up the OAuth2 credentials as described in the instructions.
Has anyone had similar experiences or can give me tips on how to get the device tracker working?


Hi, I have the same issue - no device tracker gets created.

Husqvarna updated their API. After a restart of home assistant the device tracker should appear.

What about the camera map entity?

Not planed

I wrote the camera and zone functionality for the custom integration; I do intend to look at moving it to the new internal integration but want to wait until it’s at a steady state and there is an indication that the PR would be accepted.

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