Husqvarna Automower installation (connection with HA)


I try to install the Husqvarna Automower integration =>

I have to set 3 fields : 36 digits API Key, Username, Password.
I create all the application in Husqvarna Developer Portal and add Authentication API and Automower Connect API to this app.
I can’t connect and have always the same error

(Sorry it’s french)

When i try to connect with SSH console, it’s work…


Thank you :slight_smile:

I got that integration working a long time now.

Its simply create an account on Developer Portal and follow the instructions from

Enter your API key, username and password and your good to go!

Could you post any log files so we can figure it out?

Thank you for your response.
Here my husqvarna Application screen :

I use Application Key, Email and Password to login in HA
“Automower Connect API” and “Authentication API” are available in my Application.

When I try the curl command line into my SSH Console, that’s works…

I don’t understand -_-’

Stupid question maybe… but is your mower in the supported list??
Can you control your mower with the husqvarna app?

Because the integration works like a charm. Just enter the api-key, email and password and everything will be sorted for you.

Maybe a reboot of HA is in place?

I have an Automower 450X (he is in the list) and I use the “Automower Connect” app on my Iphone. I already restart many time HA (for other updates)…

But for the moment, my automower is not connected to my Developper Account ! Tha’t maybe the problem ? no ?