HVAC Airco control Blueprint

This blueprint is for using the climate unit automatically.
Version: 0.3

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.
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Automate your HVAC climate unit.

How I Started

I wanted to automate quick heating of the living room in the morning since my floor heating is relativly slow and heating with my Daikin HVAC unit is cheaper because of my solar panels.

Core Features

  • climate control based on a scheduler
  • minumum startup temperature and maximum shutdown
  • weekday selector
  • presense group selection

You encounter a problem?

  1. Have you selected the climate entity?
  2. Check if you’re running the latest version.
  3. If it’s the case, describe your problem.

Let me know what you think of this blueprint: GitHub Link Click Here

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Looks nice.
Feedback from a seasoned BP author.
Add more description on what it needs, what integrations it uses, and what it does. This will answer questions before you get them and allow you to support this software better.
Look at mine (I tend to way over explain) or others to see what I mean.
I do tend to over explain, but I also don’t get the questions about why it doesn’t work because expectations are set in the beginning. IE: customer: It doesn’t do this certain thing. Me: That’s because it doesn’t do that thing…

Or in your specific case. Customer: It doesn’t work. You: did you connect to your climate entity? Customer: What’s a climate entity…

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Just downloaded for testing … it looks great!
It seems it is the blueprint I was looking for, very simple and easy to set up.
I’ll be more specific in a couple of weeks, after testing.

Just a feature request:
can you add an “holiday mode” setting?
In the easiest way, it could work like this: when an external input_boolean.holiday_mode helper is set to ON, automation should switch off the climate and disable scheduling. When the input_boolean is set to OFF, the automation should turn on the climate, reactivate the programming and immediately apply the desired temperature in the range it is at.

PS: not very clear what target temp start/stop do … hope you can detail.

You could use the ‘Presence Home’ setting as holiday setting instead?

Target temperature is set for the automation to start. If i want to heat up the room and set it to 18 the automation only starts if the temperature is under 18.

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Can you add calendar scheduler than WE are more flexible.
And Update the ha Integration Button to “https://github.com/OoM-JaN/Airco-HVAC-control/blob/315da3f623b500cffbae74d575d6a17b9a2d5a85/HVAC%20airco%20control.yaml” yours notworking

Edit: and helpers for temp would be great to

I’ve been looking for a date selector but I can only find date selectors where a year is included in the date. I wouldn’t use it because you recreate your automation every year.
Could you give an example of an automation wher such a calendar is implemented?

The temp isn’t develloped properly and I will look into it.

Advanced Heating Control will be integrat hvac and calendar soon. (Let you insperate :))
Heating x is calendar based for example

Heating X is using a calendar identity. Quite difficult to set up. I want my Blueprint very easy to setup. So i’m sorry: the calendar won’t appear in my Blueprint.

The temp settings doesn’t work properly yet and needs attention. Still on my to do list.

Could you add an option to allow Fahrenheit instead of Celsius? Thanks

There is no need for another BP for that, just change the ranges in the 3 input statements about temperature.