HVAC automatic adjustment based on open doors/windows - automation blueprint

Hey everyone!

I’ve been struggling for some time to make my energy saving automation both easy to replicate in my installation and easy to share, but I hope I’ve finally accomplished that.

Here’s an automation blueprint that binds together a thermostat/climate entity and a window/door sensor. Whenever the window is open for a certain period of time, the thermostat is automatically turned down to save energy. If the window is closed, the same thermostat is bumped right back up.

It can also notify people of the energy saving mode and allow them to override the automation with a simple button in the notification (e.g. “I don’t want you to turn down the heating, I’ve got issues with humidity so I’ve opened the window and left the heating on to get rid of some unwanted moisture”).

Installation instructions on Github, linked below.

Please share your thoughts

And a quick demo video

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