HVAC controller


I have a heat transfer kit in my house, its completely dumb and cant be automated.

What could i replace the controller with? i dont care if the fan only ever has one speed either.


Wiring Diagram

This is exposed and the fan is some sort of selector switch? The selector switch can be removed and replaced with a relay. Question is what is the hp or power draw of the fan? You’ll need a relay that is designed for an inductive load.

Total wattage 55 watts so quite low.

was thinking of using a iFan04-H, thoughts?

That would be what I would use because it’s built to work with inductive fans and that is an important distinction. In fact, I’m going to end up with a spare of those very soon as I’m replacing my Sonoff fan controller with an Inovelli Zigbee - so if you want one cheap you could buy mine, it’s already flashed with ESPHome.

I did this

you have to use a 3 relay one

Nice to see another kiwi on here, is there a certain model number i should look for?

search for “Keyes Relay modules”