HVAC pause enhanced


Playing here with raffy-ops excellent HVAC pause blueprint.

How could that be enhanced to be able to provide some actions after the door/window was opened, but before the HVAC gets turned off? Would be nice to send some notification after the window was opened or first turn the fan to low.

Any pointers welcome!

Another interesting thing would be to force the HVAC off. Right now it can be turned back (with the remote) and will heat/cool happily with windows open.

I’m also playing with this excellent blueprint. My thinking around manual changes is to let them happen - if a person grabs the remote and turns it on, then that’s on them. Otherwise it turns into a race condition fircing off, them turning back on and getting confused - not great :slight_smile:

One enhancement I’d like to see is to choose what pause means. Looking at the power use for my HVAC, switching to fan_only uses virtually no power. So my thinking is that’s a good way to pause while keeping some airflow.