HVAC set permanent_hold

How do I set the permanent_hold attribute on my Thermostat.
I have 3 thermostats in the house, and so far I have them set up to sync when I change the temp or the heat vs. cold setting.

While Googling I saw climate.set_hold_mode, but I don’t have that as a service in my drop down.

Last thing I’m missing is the permanent_hold setting.

  - 'off'
  - heat_cool
  - cool
  - heat
min_temp: 40
max_temp: 90
  - 'on'
  - auto
  - diffuse
  - none
  - away
  - Hold
current_temperature: 72
temperature: 70
target_temp_high: null
target_temp_low: null
current_humidity: 128
fan_mode: auto
hvac_action: idle
preset_mode: Hold
aux_heat: 'off'
fan_action: idle
**permanent_hold: true**
dr_phase: -1
friendly_name: Second Floor
supported_features: 91