HVAC Thermostat with different temp sensor entity

Hi all,

This should be easy but for the life of me I cannot find a way to use the standard thermostat with a different temp sensor than the one built into my HVAC. The one built into the HVAC is in the roof which is useless. Is there a way to specify a different temp sensor in the standard climate control card

From my understanding, I do not believe that is possible with the standard climate card. The card is only using data from a climate device. You’ll need to explore options similar to Better Thermostat via HACs.

I think that it’s not that easy… climate itself uses internal sensor “by default” and you’re pretty much stuck here, if i’m not mistaken, since you must “tell” the climate to use another sensor, not to the HA card. This HA card just displays data it receives from the climate.

An example: i have Mitsubishi climate and with original wifi card i’m stuck as you are, but if i make and connect a different wifi module (THIS one) then i can program climate so that it uses a different sensor, not original one. However, it’s not HA who does that, but this module reads external temperature (either imports it from HA or uses it’s own connected sensor, since it’s esphome system) and sends it to the climate.

So, I’d say that you do a search in this direction, if Daikin can be “hacked” similar as Mitsubishi.

Thank you, yea, I can’t believe it’s so hard to do this. Seems like it would be a common request. I’ll take another look at Better Thermostat, I had looked before but I couldn’t work it out.