Hw can I add a customer device which gather multiple MQTT sensors


I’m very new to Home Assistant.

I have an air exchanger unit from Nilan which provide Modbus interface, so I implemented a Modbus_MQTT client that reads different registers from the unit and send them to MQTT broker running on my Home Assistant with different topics. Then I added mqtt sensors to read these values and all is working fine.

I want to create a device that gather all these mqtt sensors in one and shown them on my Home Assistant UI Overview page under the correct room, instead of having them placed under sensors.

In addition, if possible, I would like to gather them together under one device instead of having them as separate readouts.

E.g. of the definition in my configuration.yaml

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Nilan Controller board temperature"
    state_topic: "nilan/temperature/T0_Controller/"

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Nilan Room exhaust temperature"
    state_topic: "nilan/temperature/T3_Exhaust/"

Any help is much appreciated, please remember that I’m new so bare with me.


I solved issues by adding MQTT sensors in groups.yaml like this:

Nilan Comfort 300LR:
    - sensor.nilan_running_state
    - sensor.nilan_control_state
    - sensor.nilan_operation_mode
    - sensor.nilan_exhaust_fan_speed
    - sensor.nilan_inlet_fan_speed
    - sensor.nilan_controller_board_temperature
    - sensor.nilan_humidity
    - sensor.nilan_inlet_temperature_after_heater
    - sensor.nilan_outdoor_temperature
    - sensor.nilan_outlet_temperature
    - sensor.nilan_passive_heat_exchanger_efficiency
    - sensor.nilan_room_exhaust_temperature
    - sensor.nilan_user_panel_room_temperature
    - sensor.nilan_air_temperature_actual_capacity