Hybrid Mushroom Chips Person Card

I’m currently using the Mushroom chips person card to show the presence status of person entities and have uploaded a picture for each person entity. It displays their picture with the little home/work badge which is cool.

But I also have some input_select helpers with various states such as “Just Left, Just Arrived, Home, Away” along with various automations so I can get a little more information on the presence of people instead of just “Home” or “Away”.

I’m trying to figure out a way of combining the mushroom chips person card idea while being able to display the state of the input_dropdown so I can see the extended state of the person since the default chips card seems to be limited to only showing the state of the person entity.

I think maybe I can do this with a the chips template card since it supports templating for the “picture” attribute but I can’t find an example of templating that would show the picture of a person entity. They all just reference a local picture you’ve put in your config directory somewhere (and I haven’t been able to find a location for the person entity pictures).

If any of this makes sense, anyone tried something similar or know of a way of displaying a person entity’s picture using templating?

lovelace-mushroom/template.md at main · piitaya/lovelace-mushroom · GitHub

I’ve done exactly that here:

The whole thread is a MEGA thread and it’s all about the Mushroom-card-system. There is lot’s and lot’s of stuff there. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Maybe I’ll move my post there.

Good idea! :slight_smile: The guys over there are amazing! :slight_smile:

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