Hydrawise - only showing 18 zones of 20

I have used HA and Hydrawise integration for some time. I was just in the process of designing a new Lovelace page to show all of my irrigation zones on one page. As I was working through setting up wach zone, it hit me that something was not adding up. I have 20 zones in my irrigation system, yet when the integration runs, only 18 zones are showing up with each of the 5 entity types. It is like the integration script stopped at the 18th zone, as the two missing zones are indeed zone 19 and 20. The integration works since I can control the first 18 zones and they update when the controller is running, so things are connected and updated (because I just updated all the zone names and they show correctly). Since the zone generation is automated bu the integration, there is no other set up. Help? Any way to adjust the script to find up to 20 zones or more?

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For my 12 zones I found the last 2 zones were not showing up. Did you find a solution?

I found that the answer was to 1) to make name shorter (Z1 etc ) and 2) make sure that there were no unused zones. All my zones immediately showed up