Hydreon RG-15 rain sensor

Is it harmful to set the update interval to 2 seconds?
Or is there another way to be informed from the RG-15 immediately
When the update interval is set to 60 seconds, the awning is already wet :wink:

No personal experience, but I’d love to see ESPhome support the RG-15! Maybe someone else can chime in, or we could collaborate on porting the Arduino code.

@arnoldmatt ESPhome already supports RG-15. I have had mine running for about 12-months.

Hello @kobelka … I have done similar. However, I run the automation in Home Assistant. I have created a template and as soon as the rain sensitivity is over 0.1mm it is raining. Otherwise I find that the sensor can be too sensitive and be triggered by sunlight, mist, spray, dirt etc etc. I record rain a long time before my Velux roof windows start shutting (a seperate Velux sensor)

I note that on the RG-15 facts page it suggests that the Rain Event can be used as trigger rather than intensity. I assume there is an algorithm in the RG-15 only starts a Rain Event when a level of intensity over a period of time is being recorded (which perhaps might be closer to 0.1mm rain intensity; but I have not tested it)

The unit is running constantly in recording rain events and total rain. So I am guessing setting update_interval to say 1s is irrelevant; all it is doing is checking in with RG-15 to see the current sensor state. I would suggest 10s would be fine?

Have you set up Utility Meter in HA to record rain total for hour, day, week, month?

Edit 1: page of faq

Out of interest using Utility Meter, Apex Charts and weather forecasts to show past and future rainfall in one chart
Edit 1: Note that rain intensity as highest resolution returns data but it does NOT trigger a Rain Event in RG-15. As it should be.

Hi @JulianDH ,
I don’t know how that works for you. It rained here this morning, but the values ​​displayed were always below 0.1. So it wouldn’t have been rain with your automation.

This shows what my sensor was reporting today:

The rain event starts on the first 0.01mm rain, accumulates the rain events over time and resets to zero after some time. I don’t know what is the time until the reset, it is not the same for all rain events.

The event ends 60 minutes after the last raindrop.

Thank you, good to know.

I have created a template and as soon as the rain sensitivity is over 0.1mm it is raining

@JulianDH do you really mean 0,1mm ? I had a day light rain with 0,01mm.
Which update intervall do you have ?

Indeed 0.1mm. I have sensitivity set to 0.02mm and found that condensation would trigger it. I think it is entirely down to what the automation requires. My velux and hunter Hydrawise sensors I suspect are closer to 0.1mm but I will test over the summer. At the moment the only thing the template does is a warning conditional tile flag on my dashboard that is raining. On my to do list to investigate a bit more.

Don’t you have any problems with the midday sun? Every midday I get rain reports.