Hydronic thermostat alternative to Tekmar 552

Hi there! Does anyone have a recommended thermostat that works with hydronic/radiant systems & has easily-achieved HA support (i.e. local wifi, zwave, or zigbee)?

Current setup

I’ve got a handful of Tekmar 552 thermostats connected to a raydiant floor system.

The thermostats are wired in what Tekmar describes as “standalone” mode (wiring shown below), meaning each independently modulates a valve corresponding to its zone. I have a separate valve controller, so it really just sends an “on”/“off” signal to it. Each thermostat also can have up to two external temperature sensors: floor/baseboard and or room/air. These feed into the thermostat’s PID loop (or whatever).

My issues with these thermostats is they are not “smart”—and making them smart requires a ~$1000 investment, plus additional household wiring, to connect them to a proprietary Tekmar controller. (@WillCodeForCats has done an awesome job building support for that device.)

Aside from not wanting to do that wiring, I resent the vendor lock-in here & (perhaps naively) have to believe there are other devices out there which can… modulate an on/off switch based on a couple of temperature sensors.

Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks so much!