Hyper-V inside HASS as an integration (not HASS inside Hyper-V!)

Is there any Hyper-V integration inside HASS? Something that would allow me to monitor Hyper-V servers in my LAN, and send them some basic commands like turning specific VMs on and off?

It’s very hard to search for this online, because there are many pages about running HASS as a VM inside Hyper-V, but this is just not the same thing :slight_smile:

I want an Hyper-V server to be visible inside my HASS as a device for me to monitor and control. Is this possible?


I found the Wake On LAN integration which is good enough to monitor which servers are up or down with a simple ping test.

But that is all generic, I’d love to have some more specific stuff for Hyper-V servers, using their API’s, reporting on Replication Health etc…